“Decades of refined success provides a clear path to future success at scale, leveraging proprietary technology & ecosystem”

VRTCLS proprietary technology, along with decades of refinement using predictive analytics, machine learning and big data allow for increased sales, reduced operational strain at the same time optimizing outcomes.

Power of the Past – Force of the Future

Data Drives Decisions

Next Level Optimization

Many of our new Joint Ventures and Acquisitions benefit from decades of past successes and failures, allowing us to reduce the SUCCESS CURVE and maximize on output. 

Our proprietary technology gets better over time as we grow together!

A Rising Tide does lift all boats in our ecosystem!

Partners in Excellence

Our Top Notch Team

Many of our leadership roles are fractional!

We believe that high capacity people, when put together, can do more together than apart. They do not need to only support one organization at a time, allowing for higher levels of success ecosystem wide.

Our missions & strategies

Let’s scale together

With over 30 industries represented our future is bright!

50,000 Patient Referral Increase in 36 months nationwide

Start-up surpasses top 5 competitors in less than 25 months!

Many find #ARTLAB easy to understand but hard to execute. Those who do have seen recored breaking levels of success!

25,000 Referrals in the first year

Community Case Study

Growing from 6k paying monthly members to over 50k members



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