(Limited to first 10 at NO COST)

We reserve the right to pick based on Opportunity, Platform and FIT!



Thanks for your interest in VRTCLS. We are actively looking for new JV, Co-Op, and Business partners willing to work together for long-term success.

We do have 20 years of experience and double-digit successful businesses we own and operate but only a few are not 100% ours, so this process may require all parties.


Let’s call it our BETA test.

We strive to always OVER deliver, and build on DOING THE RIGHT THING EVERY TIME!

If you have questions, feel free to ORDER the DEEP DIVE so we can get you on the schedule.

What to expect from us:

  1. We are getting several requests, so we will answer as quickly as possible. The next 20 businesses are going to be very picky, as it is going to set the foundation for the entire platform. Please understand if you are not picked this first round, we will get you going as long as we can see a mutually beneficial way to win together.
  2. Our DEEP DIVE TEAM will send you a list of questions to allow us to do our initial review, and we will have that complete within 5-7 days.
  3. If you meet our requirements, we will schedule a 1 hour review to see if it makes sense to launch a LEARNING NODE.

(Learning Nodes: They take 30 days to build and develop and then 90 days to gather, train and activate…so this time we will be dark doing our GEEK STUFF)

4) Once we have collected enough data, we will present several plans for long-term success ranging from NO ADDITIONAL COST, to Setting up a Joint Venture or building some sort of co-op so we are all incentivized to work together and SCALE)


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